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Where there’s Adura, there is completion.

The Adura Business Corp is house to two of the finest constructions companies in the market. Sidone Infrastructures Private Limited and Adura Realtors are brands built to cater to different sizes of projects but share the same meticulous work ethic.

From design to delivery, Adura Business Corp are equipped to take on each stage of construction at different project volumes, efficiently.


We started with a maiden project that scaled over 40,000 sq ft, and today we’ve scaled our operations more than 12X in over 14 years. We’re now equipped with manpower and machine that can take up projects that range from 10,000sq ft to 5,00,000 sq ft.


For operational convenience and efficient allotment of resources, Sidone Infrastructures is dedicated to state run projects and projects that require state of the artwork.

Manufacturing Units

Adura Realtors operates with on a smaller scale, high raises, commercial estates, office spaces, manufacturing units and other structures that extend up to 1,00,000 sq ft.

Construction at its finest

Sidone Infrastructures

Sidone Infrastructures Private Limited, a brand under The House of Adhura is a brand that’s built ground up to facilitate projects that extend over 100,000 sq. ft. This brand and the surreal size of our operation today are made possible by the imminent teams that take up responsibility and bring your projects to reality at optimal costs and as soon as possible. We are looking to be associated with state projects, infrastructure, and urban development ventures and ventures that can help improve the standard of living in societies. We have multiple government projects under our belt, and our aim with Sidone Infrastructures Private Limited is to be part of something bigger than us, something bigger than all of what we can construct.

Our extensive resume is comprised of over 3,500 projects completed

Our projects

Adura Anbagam

Area in Sq.ft: 18870

No. of Floors: G +3

No. of Flats: 12

Year of Construction: 2008 - 2010

Adura Arulagam

Area in Sq.ft: 37490

No. of Floors: G +3

No. of Flats: 28

Year of Construction: 2005 - 2007

Adura Aurora

Area in Sq.ft: 27358

No. of Floors: G +3

No. of Flats: 16

Year of Construction: 2013 - 2015

Adura Regent

Area in Sq.ft: 28865

No. of Floors: G +3

No. of Flats: 22

Year of Construction: 2016 - 2018

Construction at its finest

Adura Realtors

We have a nimble team running projects that aren’t as big in volume but are just as important and all the more in need of perfection. Adura realtors, a brand floated by Adura Clusters is our unit that provides construction and real estate services for business. We as a construction company with a lot of like-minded people engage with the industry wearing multiple hats. We offer construction services to other organizations and undertake government projects to provide end-to-end or piecemeal construction services.

Our Services

We’re one of the best promoters out there

We have been in the construction and real estate industry for more than a decade, and turning plots into profitable investments and posh homes is what we do best. As your promoters, we offer to survey your site, plan structures according to your expectations, design, procure material, camp out and complete the construction of the apartments or villas, or any other particular arrangement you have in mind. It does not end there, and after this is the most exciting. We’ll take care of pitching your properties to the right people, via the right avenues and get them sold.

Constructions that stand the test of time, and are temptingly luxurious

As constructors, our services include designing the structure for you and bringing it to reality. We rely on our experienced workforce, disciplined work ethic, foresight, and then the technology we use to make sure that we arrive at the desired result for our clients. We are equipped to take up projects that are challengingly and voluminous and we’ll execute the completion perfectly. Our designs are refreshing, our management techniques on the ground are out of the box, and we are one of the best construction partners out there.

Laying out for the future, laying out the future

Laying out is an important part of the construction. If you’re dealing with high volumes especially, lay things out temporarily to mimic your structure in the future, above and below the ground. This includes edge slabs, boundaries, walls, and other location points placed strategically according to the engineering plan. A lot of things like location/design features of the permanent structures to be built, project type/scale, the location of the site, machinery used during construction, and organization of the construction work are to be considered while laying out. Failing to do so, or not approaching the layout phase effectively can increase overheads, and lead to losses or inaccuracies that might be detrimental to the construction later.

Interiors that promise a private world

No matter how sturdy the structure is and how efficient we are while constructing it, if we do not put thought, effort, and time into perfecting the interior of a structure then using it might turn out difficult. Especially for offices, factories, high-rise apartments, and other places where there are a lot of people involved, the instruction is not simply aesthetic but also a solid security measure. The brands operating under Adura Business Corp can provide interior development help depending on the scale of the project.

We offer local and International expertise and full construction management

Generating more value at every level and building a better world for everyone

Construction Workers


Completed Projects


Completed Projects


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